17. 5. 2012

Gathering new solutions...

Today I watched the youtube web site and looking for information about business. Surprisingly, the software industry is open up for new possibilities. Especially for small and individual starters. The first basic information about the business is the arrival of the new Windows 8. The concept system uses Metro applications. These applications have full development support from Microsoft and it is free of charge to download. This means that  anybody in the world with the ability to program in C #, in the course of one night can become milionare. See msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps.

Other interesting information is that if an individual has an idea but fails to realize it himself or had the time or financial envelope problems, there's a solution that can be found on page 37signals.com. The Danish company will help you to join with others to create a project which is subsidized by the investor.

Very important is the state support of the so-called start-up fund. This year nearly 866 million allocated from the state budget. Required for pumping is 30% participation.

So, lets use it...

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