17. 6. 2012

Scirocco meeting...

A month ago we had a reunion of our cars. It was a race to the top with everything as it should be. Community organizer was a www.scirocco.cz club. With our presence we are able to document this meeting. I would also like to thank to the creators of music for their contribution in this video. So what are you waiting for? Check it out and enjoy:


2. 6. 2012

Next artist...

If you were curious how it goes in the city where I live, it is sufficient to watch following video. To support the artists (especially music one) I used the dubstep stile music from Feint - United we stand (Raith Luke remix), which I borrowed from SoundCloud. Video is shot whit camera I bought month ago and placed on it the Fisheye. Therefore, the images are quite interesting and good quality. Also I would like to thank for the music from composers.