16. 9. 2012

Hotest babes...

Well, i search thru youtube pages and found some really nice shots about hot chickens. So i decided to create a best of and put it together with Michael Buble - Feeling Good (Noize Tank Remix). You can see what it looks like:


10. 9. 2012

The Film, has been released...

So, i have did it, good, bad? I dont know, make decide yourself...


23. 8. 2012

...a film will become...

So last week we shot a new scene. At the suggestion of my bud who wanted to make a video about his car, we finally got into it. Well, I just tell only that, in our doing so, the police stopped us and arrested my friend. But more in the video which is currently being processed at this time.
Meanwhile, we also took a pictures. Cops were so worthy, that they allowed us to photograph them too. So Judge the photos for themselves:


2. 7. 2012

Prague life

One night, one day. All in the beautiful streets of Prague. How about the days in the summer look like? That's what you see then in The following videoclip:

17. 6. 2012

Scirocco meeting...

A month ago we had a reunion of our cars. It was a race to the top with everything as it should be. Community organizer was a www.scirocco.cz club. With our presence we are able to document this meeting. I would also like to thank to the creators of music for their contribution in this video. So what are you waiting for? Check it out and enjoy:


2. 6. 2012

Next artist...

If you were curious how it goes in the city where I live, it is sufficient to watch following video. To support the artists (especially music one) I used the dubstep stile music from Feint - United we stand (Raith Luke remix), which I borrowed from SoundCloud. Video is shot whit camera I bought month ago and placed on it the Fisheye. Therefore, the images are quite interesting and good quality. Also I would like to thank for the music from composers.


30. 5. 2012

Next step: Registered on justgiving.com

Ok, here is the next thing i have todo. Registering on web page justgiving.com will help me to kickstart by donations from anybody who things, that my ideas and my project (ViaExplore) is on the right way for good reason.
So if you thing, that this project has a good idea, you can support it at this page: http://www.justgiving.com/ViaExplore

On that page you will find out the deep idea of that project, and the main reason what is good for.


21. 5. 2012

Bobsled Roller Coaster in Prague

Today we decided to make some cool sports in our country. We found that bobsled is near us in Prague. That was a right choice with lot of fun. Just enjoy the video:

20. 5. 2012

Dubstep and surrounding audience

What happens when you mix chill dubstep and surrounding bird singing? Exactly what I managed to do, just see it on my brand new video:


17. 5. 2012

Gathering new solutions...

Today I watched the youtube web site and looking for information about business. Surprisingly, the software industry is open up for new possibilities. Especially for small and individual starters. The first basic information about the business is the arrival of the new Windows 8. The concept system uses Metro applications. These applications have full development support from Microsoft and it is free of charge to download. This means that  anybody in the world with the ability to program in C #, in the course of one night can become milionare. See msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps.

Other interesting information is that if an individual has an idea but fails to realize it himself or had the time or financial envelope problems, there's a solution that can be found on page 37signals.com. The Danish company will help you to join with others to create a project which is subsidized by the investor.

Very important is the state support of the so-called start-up fund. This year nearly 866 million allocated from the state budget. Required for pumping is 30% participation.

So, lets use it...

16. 5. 2012

Second step...Creating LOGO

I have created a brand new logo for ViaExplore. Well i guess and belive that you will enjoy it. The logo was created at onlinelogomaker.com
It is free for all to use it and also you can save and download the project you created. See nice video tutorial:

First step

For better performance i have bought a new camera. Right now i am testing it, so i expect that there will be some new HD videos on youtube.
Camera is from PANASONIC with model type HM-TA20EP-D. The parameters (datasheet) for this camera can be downloaded at PANASONIC web page.

See you soon

15. 5. 2012

Getting started

Today i started thinking about bussiness. Is up to time to try something different and dont lose yet gathered. Maybe i will be success who knows. Hold me IN!

Regards ViaExplore